Current Bible Series



Each church has a goal or philosophy by which they minister. Here at Victory Baptist Church, our goal is not simply to create a religious experience to make you feel good about yourself; our goal is to teach the Word of God, thoroughly and unashamedly. The method we use is prolonged series, relating to the specific books of the Bible and essential topics for Christian growth.  Below are the current series we are going through. Each service brings a new study for us to be convicted, challenged and changed.

Sunday School: Psalm’s Songs

This Study allows us to go through each Psalm in depth. We will learn the types, background, writers and spiritual teaching we can glean from each Psalm.

Sunday Evening: Parables

These earthly stories help us shed light on heavenly truths. Each week we will take another parable throughout the whole Bible and breakdown the meaning as well as the truths meant from the story.

Wednesday Evening: The Practical Life of Christ

Once we are saved we are called to be Christians (Christ-Like). As we grow in grace, we seek to become more like him in every avenue of life. Through this study we will look not only at the tremendous life lived by our Savior but glean from how he lived his daily life and see how we can apply that to our life.