Current Bible Series



Each church has a goal or philosophy by which they minister. Here at Victory Baptist Church, our goal is not simply to create a religious experience to make you feel good about yourself; our goal is to teach the Word of God, thoroughly and unashamedly. The method we use is prolonged series, relating to the specific books of the Bible and essential topics for Christian growth.  Below are the current series we are going through. Each service brings a new study for us to be convicted, challenged and changed.

Sunday School: The Proverbs

Solomon compiled a complete library of wise saying to help us navigate through life. From this study, we will learn from various topics such as; wisdom, ways, words, women, wealth, wine, work, our walk and wickedness.

Sunday Evening: Prophecy

It has been said that 1/3 of our Bibles is prophecy and many people avoid prophecy because they believe its too difficult or not pertinent to our lives right now. This study will unfold some of the aspects of prophecy but with the goal of applying something to our Christian life today.

Wednesday Evening: Seek Ye First

In Jesus’s first and most polarizing sermon we see the foundation of our Christian faith as well as the way we ought to live. The Christian life isn’t a show, or a duty but a relationship to which the focus and goal in every aspect should be Christ and His Kingdom.