Pray For a New Building

For the last 7 years, our church has met in a Church of God in Christ (COGIC) building, in our city, of Union City. It has served us greatly, and we have been able to grow and impact our community. The owner has allowed us to utilize the under used building at a great cost for this area. For my children, it’s the only church building they have known. For years we have looked to secure a building of our own and we have come close, however, God closed the door on a couple of those opportunities.

Two months ago we were asked to find another property to hold services because the owner plans to renovate and utilize the building in a different way. Our church has until the end of 2017 to relocate.

This is difficult for many reasons:
– Our church has an established congregation and moving too far from where we met could disrupt a group of attendees
– We are too small to purchase a property of our own yet too big for most of the available buildings to rent.
– Rents in the Bay Area are astronomical. For church/store building that would accommodate us the asking price is $5500-8000.
– Most churches in this area already have multiple congregations meeting on their property making it hard to fit in
– Much of the smaller, dying churches refuse to allow a growing and lively congregation in because it would disturb the status quo they are comfortable with.

While this list seems jarring and slightly worrisome, which I will admit has gotten to me at times, I know this is part of God’s divine plan for our church. We were already outgrowing the children’s classes and nursery space. Our ministries we overlapping the other church which was somewhat stifling our growth to a point, and the facility is in need of many repairs and upgrades which we have been prohibited to accomplish.

Please join us in prayer as we seek for a new home base for Victory Baptist Church. If you know of anything that could accommodate, or if you know of a church who is willing to merge or yield their property to a growing congregation rather than closing the doors, please contact the church and let us know. We will keep you updated!