The Church Building

Our church just celebrated 11 years of ministry. We started from nothing, with nobody yet God has blessed us over these years. We have seen growth at an incredible rate in these last couple years; new families, souls saved, and a spike in our children’s department. The problem is the current location we are in is limited. We have been blessed to be able to rent in our current location for these 5 years but to stay here would hamper growth, discipleship and added ministries.

Last year, we had a banquet to start the process to raise money to secure a building, or if a building comes along, renovate. We raised $10,000 that night and we continue to add to that weekly. However, in our area to purchase something we could use would cost $1-2Mil. We believe God can meet our ministry needs, so we continue to pray for a door to open for us to secure a building.We have had some opportunities but were still waiting for God’s hand to move us.

Would you join us as we seek extend our ministry with a church building?